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Presentation Solutions provides schools with turnkey poster printer systems and complete printing systems that allow you to create custom instructional materials, recognition materials, communication tools, banners, posters and fundraising materials – in-house and in minutes – and at a fraction of the cost of ordering these items from an outside source.

  • Banner machine and printer makes banners
  • Canon machine and printer makes posters
  • Classroom Printer
  • Color Pro poster machine makes and prints posters
  • Custom poster maker
  • Easy poster maker prints posters
  • Education Pro Color printer machine makes posters
  • Large Format Printer
  • Poster Machine for Schools
  • Poster Maker Machine prints posters for school
  • Pro Color Machine makes and prints posters
  • School Poster Machine makes and prints posters
  • Variquest Dealer
  • Variquest Supplies
  • Varitronics Dealer
  • Varitronics Supplies
  • Wide Format Printer

Like a “makerspace on steroids,” our systems have over 1,000 Education-specific templates, which you can print as they are, or customize to include your own students’ pictures and names. With our systems, you truly can transform your school from wherever it is now – to what you want it to be – overnight!


Photo of Color Pro Poster Maker

ColorPro Poster Maker

A COMPLETE SYSTEM - not just a “printer-in-a-box!” This is the best poster maker for schools.


Photo of The Recognizer Graphics System


The Recognizer
Award Maker &

The die-cut system every school needs, with the capabilities of an entire Teacher Resource Center!




CoolLam Photo



This Non-Heat Laminator Is The “Coolest”
Laminator You’ve Ever Seen!


A Company You Can TRUST!

Buying equipment over the Internet involves risk. Simply appearing at the top of a Google search doesn’t guarantee a company is reputable. You really don’t know anything about the company, and every website you visit claims that their system is the “best.” How do you know who to trust?

First, look for legitimate, 3rd-party endorsements. Not many companies can say they have earned the coveted “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau, and Presentation Solutions is proud to be one of them. Second, review our Testimonials below – after all, schools who have invested their own money into something are an excellent source of guidance. Third, ask for actual samples from any company you are considering – if the company is sound, and their products are good, they will be happy to prepare samples for you!

Click here to receive your FREE samples from us, including a customized banner for your school!

What Makes Our Solutions (Truly) The BEST


Superior Equipment: we don't use low-end equipment in our systems, just so we can have the cheapest price! Our systems are made to last!

Superior Tech Service: we have our own service staff - most companies just send you to the manufacturer!

Superior Warranties: Our systems carry up to a 3-year warranty! Most companies only offer 1-year warranties.

Easiest To Use: What good is having an amazing system, if no one knows how to use it? Our systems are the easiest- to-use systems on the market – guaranteed!

Best Service: Everything is always in-stock, so you always get what you need – when you need it!


We are the original creators of these systems! Don’t settle for an imitation, when for the same price, you can have the best!

We’re not a “one-trick pony” – we offer an entire family of products (not just a poster maker)… all integrated together to give your school many more options down the road!

Our systems are template-driven… with many templates created by Educators! They are also fully customizable, so nothing is generic! Plus, if we don’t have a template that you need, just tell us…and we’ll create it for you – FREE!



We have been serving the Education Market since 1990!

We only work with schools, so everything we do is tailor-made for Education!

We have 20 employees, half of which have been
with us for 10 years or more!


We have an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and are a past Winner of their “Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics.”

Don’t just take our word for it! Reputation (good or bad) must be earned! Click here to see what our customers have to say about us…Click here to see what our customers have to say about us…

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Hear from our customers

"It is a money saver AND a money maker!"

Reginald Childress, Fairfield Preparatory High School, Fairfield, AL

Presentation Solutions, Inc. was recently featured in a Better Business Bureau ad campaign.

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