Now with PowerMark™Sign and Label Maker, you can have a powerful sign shop at your own facility. This system creates multicolor custom signs and labels up to 10" wide at a lower cost per unit than ordering, plus it gets the important marking done quicker and more efficiently. Ordering custom signs or labels can be expensive, cause delays and often end up not looking the way you want them. With PowerMark you can preview your sign or label before it is printed, make any changes, and then print out your sign or label on the spot. PowerMark™ puts the power of creating signs and labels in your hands, offers you a variety of sign materials to meet any application need, and withstands even the harshest environment. Custom signs on demand, when you need them, the way you need them, NOW!

Prints signs and labels 4" to 10" wide
Operates as a stand alone unit or with your PC
Preprogrammed with built-in applications
Hundreds of resident symbols, graphics, and bar codes plus 11 operating languages
Produce rigid signs & labels using optional laminator

PowerMark signs and labels can be used everywhere in your facility to enhance communication, improve safety, increase productivity and decrease inefficiencies. The PowerMark Sign and Label Maker has built-in applications for signs, hazardous waste labels, pipe markers and freeform custom label creation.

3 resident bar code symbologies
Built-in pictograms
Multiple color signs from one ribbon
Easily mount to plastic
or aluminum panels
Create large pipe markers with text
Industrial strength tapes
The PowerMark Sign and Label Maker has a variety of tapes and ribbons to suit your needs. Our tapes and ribbons last for years indoors and outdoors as well as in harsh environmental conditions.

Tape choices include vinyl, polyester, or specialty materials
Vinyl comes in white, yellow, blue, green, orange, black, gold, grey, brown and purple
Polyester comes in clear, white, yellow and orange
Specialty materials include: silver reflective, phosphorescent, tag stock, or brushed gold

Single, 2 color or 4 color ribbons are available in black, white, red, blue, green, magenta, yellow and orange
8"- 15" long panels (used to create signs 8" - 15" long), total length 200 ft.
2 sizes of width available, 6.25" - 8.8"

Sign Blanks let you laminate output using the BLS 1200 Laminator
Plastic and aluminum come in white, yellow and orange
Clear acrylic panels have pressure sensitive adhesive
Laminates are available single or double-sided
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