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Create Custom, Personalized Window Decals For Any Sport!

Forget those generic decals – allow your athletes to not only display your school with pride, but also their own names and jersey numbers! Thanks to pre-designed templates, you will be creating (and selling!) window decals, license plates, magnets, bumper stickers and more, all with only 5 minutes of training! Furthermore, the system incorporates your school’s own logo or mascot, for  window decals and bumper stickers that include these as well. Now no one will ever be left out again!

Not Just Sports – Band, Clubs, Activities, and More!

Why limit your recognition to sports? Everyone loves to be recognized for activities in which they are involved!  Now you can create your own window decals for anystudent activity – Marching Band, Academic Team, Drama Club, Pep Club, JROTC, Honor Roll –anything! The more activities your school chooses to promote, the more people will be able to promote your school and activities to the community – everywhere they drive their cars!

Sell Something That People Actually Want To Buy!!!

This system actually pays you to own it! You don’t need to create the demand for these decals – people are already buying them by going directly to sign shops. Our research has shown that sign shops generally charge around $10 each (or more!) for these decals – with your school cut completely out of the equation. With THE MAX system, you can create these decals for about $1.00 each!  By selling them for the same $10 price charged by sign shops, you will make around $9.00 profit for every decal you sell! The profit potential is even greater for custom car magnets and license plates. And best yet - most people buy more than one!

Care MagnetsWindow Decals and Car Magnets

With THE MAX Graphics  System, you can create your own professional, personalized window decals and car magnets – all  in-house and in minutes using your own design or with the included templates!

Parents and students love personalized window decals and car magnets which feature their school’s name! Allow your athletes to not only display your school with pride, but also their own names and jersey numbers! Parents, grandparents, girlfriends and boyfriends will want one for every car in the family!


license platesVanity License Plates

Schools are making a fortune selling these license plates! THE MAX Graphics System has nearly 100 templates for customized vanity license plates for sports, clubs, activities or just your school’s logo and name. The system also has templates for the popular “name” license plates, i.e., “Kristy.”  The finished license plate costs around $4.50 to make and schools are selling these for $15.00, and making $10.50 profit on each one!

Some states do not allow vanity license plates on the front of cars, so school sell magnets instead!  Our magnets come in a roll the same width as our license plates, and are just as easy to make!  The cost of a finished magnet is equivalent to a license plate, so schools are selling the magnets for $15.00 also. Schools have two products to offer with the same profit!

yard signs

Personalized Yard Signs

Yard signs have become increasingly popular!  In addition to parents being able to proudly display their son or daughter’s status as a member of the local team, they also help promote a sense of camaraderie within the community.

Many local  businesses purchase the yard signs and display them near the road,   showing their support for the local team as well!



Ways to Use the Max Graphics System

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