Interactive White Board

This is a technology that changes a whiteboard into a personal computer screen.

What are the benefits of using a Plus Interactive Whiteboard?

  • No more need to be chained to your PC.
  • Presenter can give effective presentations while gauging audience reactions and the "feel" of the room.
  • Use keyboard and mouse operations on the board just as if you were at your PC and Presto! The board is transformed into a computer screen.
  • Helps you create powerful, audience-winning presentations.
  • The attention of the audience is glued on the board.
  • Run applications like Excel and PowerPoint on the board.
  • Supports Microsoft NetMeeting. (Microsoft NetMeeting can be utilized to hold remote meetings using the whiteboards.)
  • Write audience comments on the projected screen instantaneously.
  • Save what you have written on the board straight to your PC.

How it works:

  • The Stylus is used to operate the board.
  • The movement of the stylus is detected by sensors.
  • The coordinates of the characters written on the board are read by the system, and clicking has the same effect as when clicking on the computer screen.


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