Varitronics Poster Maker Supplies

Varitronics Poster Maker Supplies

Presentation Solutions offers supplies for the Varitronics Poster Maker.

  • GalaRio Poster & Banner Software
  • Varitronics Idea Generator
  • Profinish Laminating and Mounting System
  • Paper for PosterPrinters™ System

GalaRio™ Poster and Banner Software

The Perfect Companion to Your PosterPrinter™ System

GalaRio™ Template Gallery helps you create professional looking, eye-catching posters and banners that you can then print to your PosterPrinter™ System. The best part is that the entire process, from document creation through printing, takes just minutes.

varitronics supplies

GalaRio™ Template Gallery

GalaRio™ Template Gallery offers over 200 pre-designed templates in nine catagories for the most commonly used posters and banners. With easy-to-use layouts, it's simple to produce output that Educates, Motivates, or Communicates. The template based program eliminates design time while still offering the ability to customize your posters and banners for announcements, student activities, academic results, awards and recognition and much, much more.

Nine Template Categories:


1,000 Graphics

The GalaRio™ Template Gallery includes 1,000 graphics selected specifically for schools and optimized for use with PosterPrinter™ Systems. You can import graphics from other sources, too.



Varitronics® Idea Generator

Create Customized Teaching materials

Communicate important information effectively:

  • Lesson plan outlines
  • Multiplication tables
  • Student behavior guidelines
  • Student responsibilities
  • Progress charts
  • Bulletin board announcements
  • Vocabulary studies
  • History timelines
Enlarge Existing Teaching Materials

Present your information in a new way.

  • Multiplication tables, math principles
  • Reading - Vocabulary lists,story boards
  • Writing - Grammar rules, parts of speech
  • English - Passage outlines, study questions
  • Nutrition - Food group charts, product information
  • Health - Body system diagrams, unit outlines
Communication and Directions

Create directional signage and communicate important information.

  • Signage - Directional signs to gymnasium or auditorium
  • Schedules - Library hours and tryout schedules
  • Information - Lab or shop safety instructions
Administrative Office Training

Express the needs of an entire office and administrative staff.

  • In-service Training
  • Staff development presentations
  • Flip chart agendas
  • Budget presentations
  • Orientation


Fundraisers provide creative avenues for raising money as well as giving students and parents the opportunities to get involved in the support of area schools.

  • Personalized Poster Sales - create personalized posters, customized for school dances, Homecoming
  • Community Advertisements - Advertise throughout the school and community during special event

Announcements for Student Activities

Communicating announcements for special events is the key to extra-curricular involvement and can facilitate participation in teams, clubs, and groups.

  • Sports Announcements - Football, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, tournament charts
  • Student Clubs and Groups - Band concerts, school plays, yearbook sale, art fairs, choir concerts.

Provide Student Motivation and Promote Student Recognition

Giving students positive reinforcement and recognition is an important part of the education process.

  • Individual Recognition - Student of the Week, Honor Roll posters
  • Recognize Outstanding Achievements - sports, academic awards
  • Promote Self Recognition -

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