The Recognizer Graphics System
Wall Quotes and Wall Words

Create Your Own Wall Quotes (and Wall Words) Like These In Minutes!


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cutout letters


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The Recognizer® Is The Ultimate “Printer”


In “The Leader In Me" Program and book, Steven Covey promotes the use of motivational quotes on walls and windows throughout the school. The Recognizer is the easy way to make this happen.

The Recognizer has a specific template for wall quotes. Simply type your desired quote into the template framework, and click "Print.”

The Recognizer then cuts the wall quotes from outdoor-grade, self-adhesive vinyl. You can then place these quotes throughout your school, either inside or outside! Furthermore, the entire quote is applied to the wall/bulletin board at once… not letter-by-letter, as with a die-cut machine!

There is also a template for Wall Words!




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