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Premium Bond

Standard Bond & Premium Bond

These papers are for your normal, everyday posters. In fact, you will most likely use these papers 95% of the time. These are our least expensive papers, but make no mistake – they are not “cheap” papers (from a quality standpoint). Both are heavy-duty papers, laminate easily, and are thick enough not to become “wet” from the inks. They also do a great job with colors and are heavy enough to withstand curling up due to humid environments. This prevents paper jams in the printer and eliminates problems before they occur. Yes, the quality of the paper you use does make a difference!

Glossy Photo Paper

Glossy Photo Paper

When a poster needs to be really special, our Glossy Photo Paper is unbeatable. This paper is heavy-duty and has a beautiful gloss shine. Our Glossy Photo Paper makes your posters look just like the glossy pictures you get back when you have pictures developed from the store. Use this paper for special events like fundraisers, graduations, dances, Open Houses, Award Banquets, and any other special occasion where you really want your visuals to be extra special!

NO Tear Paper

No-Lam (Non-Tear) “Paper”

This “paper” is actually a synthetic polyester material, which is highly resistant to tearing. As such, it doesn’t need to be laminated and can be used indoors or outdoors! It is extremely lightweight and straightens out easily, even after having been rolled up for extended periods of time. Because of its durability, lightweight, and how vibrant the colors appear with this paper (especially with the new ColorPro ULTRA), this supply is quickly becoming one of our most popular media!

Indoor_Outdoor Vinyl

StadiumPro Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl

For outdoor posters and banners, our StadiumPro vinyl is what you need. Perfect for creating posters and banners that will be placed outside or for indoor posters that you want to last forever! Create outdoor banners, posters of athletes to put on the fence around your school/stadium, or permanent banners & athlete posters for your gym. Made of extra-thick vinyl, our StadiumPro media is the ideal choice for these applications. Lasts for months outdoors, even with bad weather! Also, use our new Banner Tabs for mounting outdoors – they are much stronger than traditional grommets and are so much easier and faster to apply! Note: Even using StadiumPro vinyl, only the new ColorPro ULTRA’s output can be used outdoors for an extended period of time.

Adhesive Backed Vinyl

WallSaver Adhesive-Backed Vinyl

This supply is perfect for yard signs, facility signage, floor graphics, etc. This is a lightweight vinyl media, which has a peel-off backing (like a sticker). It comes on a roll and loads in your ColorPro & ColorPro ULTRA just like a roll of paper. Once you peel off the backing, it will stick to just about any surface, making displaying it a breeze. Best of all, the adhesive will not pull your paint away when you take it down! It is also repositionable, so you can ensure it is straight and where you want it. This supply has quickly become one of our best-sellers! Note: Even using WallSaver vinyl, only the new ColorPro ULTRA’s output can be used outdoors for an extended period of time.

PermaStick Vinyl

PermaStick Adhesive-Backed Vinyl

Similar uses to the WallSaver adhesive-backed vinyl above but with a much stronger adhesive. It is still very lightweight, and the colors really “pop” on this vinyl (as they do with WallSaver). This is a supply that you want to use when you will be keeping something in place for a long time, such as floor graphics or permanent signage, or when sticking to “difficult” materials (unfinished wood, fabric, etc.). Both the PermaStick and WallSaver vinyl can be used outdoors. Note: even using PermaStick vinyl, only the new ColorPro ULTRA’s output can be used outdoors for an extended period of time.


Artistic Canvas (Portrait Material)

Like a painter’s canvas, but on a roll! Great for artwork and portraits, this is a very popular fundraiser supply! Enlarge family pictures and students’ art on canvas and sell them for a truly unique and popular fundraiser.

Download the ColorPro and ULTRA Supply Brochure and learn all about the product accessories.


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