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The ColorPro XL Poster Maker

For Schools Who Really Want To Make A Big Impression!

The new ColorPro XL Poster Maker is the “big brother” of our other school poster makers. And we do mean big! The ColorPro XL is a large 36” system, and accepts both 36” and 24” paper. The ColorPro XL Poster Maker does everything that The ColorPro and ColorPro ULTRA poster makers do, but in more sizes.

The ColorPro XL Poster Maker is an Indoor/Outdoor poster maker! The ink is extremely water resistant, and will last outdoors for up to six months. Print on paper for all of your indoor applications, and print on vinyl for outdoor applications such as outdoor banners and stadium posters. Print on our adhesive-backed vinyl for yard signs, gym posters, floor graphics, and school signage. The possibilities opened up by the combination of outdoor printing and extra-large sizes are endless… especially for fundraising.

The ColorPro XL Poster Maker also allows your teachers and students to print directly from a USB flash drive! They can create anything – on any computer and with any software – save it as a .pdf or .jpg onto a USB flash drive, and print it directly from the USB flash drive! This solves the dilemma of how to make it accessible to everyone, without tying up your Technology Coordinator (STC) or another dedicated person!

The ColorPro XL Poster Maker also has its own built-in hard drive, which allows you to store oft-used posters for quick recall and printing. Furthermore, our professional-version software is multilingual, allowing teachers to create posters in 10 languages!

You even get a “Lite” version of our software that you can put on as many computers as you like!

The ColorPro XL Poster Maker also has the option of either standard or “bulk size” ink cartridges. The “bulk size” cartridges have a much lower cost-per-poster – just like when you buy bulk sizes of items at Costco or Sam’s! And the ink never goes bad, so you won’t have to worry about it “spoiling” if it takes a long time to use it up.

The ColorPro XL Poster Maker comes with everything you need to get up and running immediately! This includes its own pre-installed computer Command Center; an upgraded “Pro” version of our exclusive poster and banner software; a “Lite” version of the software that can be loaded onto as many additional computers as you wish; hundreds of Education-specific templates; ink; paper; and a scanning module with full integration for “1-click printing” from hard-copy documents (our “Instant Poster” application)!

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