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Fundraising Ideas

Create products to raise money for your school!

Making Money With The ColorPro and The Recognizer…

Case Study: NASP Archery Tournament

Background: St. Patrick School is a K-8 school in Louisville, Kentucky.

The second-year NASP Archery Program needed money to expand the program, so they held their own tournament. The tournament raised $23,000 in profits… all from a two-day weekend tournament! Of course, archer-entry fees, gate admissions and concession sales accounted for some of that figure, but the use of the ColorPro and Recognizer doubled the profits!

The school utilized the ColorPro Poster Maker to create and market tournament sponsorships, enticing companies to sponsor the tournament with the promise of either a 2’ x 6’ banner ($500 sponsorship) or a 2’ x 3’ poster ($250 sponsorship). They sold 12 banner sponsorships (called Tournament Sponsorships) for a total of $6,000; and 21 poster sponsorships (called Target Sponsorships) for a total of $5,250 (see picture below). The sponsors LOVED the banner and poster recognition, and these banners and posters from the ColorPro Poster Maker generated a total revenue of $11,250!

The cost to produce them on the ColorPro was approximately $324, for a total profit of $10,926!

Fundraising ideas for school
fundraising ideas

Additionally, the school used The Recognizer ULTRA to create and sell decals to allow archers to put their names on their bow cases (all bow cases are black and look identical, and kids are constantly picking up the wrong bow case). The school modified the Archery Car Decal template, and created a custom decal which allowed each archer to have their name and telephone number on the decal, as well as an archery graphic (boy or girl). The school sold these for $5 each (see pictures below)… and they could have easily sold them for $10 each! They sold 67 of these decals for a total revenue of $335! The cost to produce the decals was approximately $67, for a total profit of $268! If they had sold them for $10 each, their profit would have been $871! Also notable is that the decal booth was run entirely by the middle school archers and their parents – none of whom had ever operated the system before the tournament!

By utilizing the ColorPro and Recognizer systems, the school generated an additional $11,585 in revenue from their tournament, and a whopping $11,194 in additional profit… thus DOUBLING the profit of the entire tournament!

School helpers fundraising money for school with school printer, laminator, and award maker.
Personalized Bow Case Decals at school using Presentation Solutions Color Pro Equipment
Personalized Bow Case Decals using Presentation Solutions Color Pro Equipment

In addition to the extra revenue, the school also saved a considerable amount of money by making the awards on the Recognizer. They made 30 plaques for the individual winners, and customized the trophies for the team winners. The school had been quoted a cost of $15 per plaque from an award shop, and instead spent $6 per plaque by making them on the Recognizer. This saved the school $9 per plaque, for a total savings of $270. On the trophies, the school personalized each trophy with the winning school’s name. Since the Recognizer creates the plaques instantly, they were able to see who the winners were, and within minutes, had the personalized trophies ready to go! This also made a HUGE impression on the winning schools, with numerous schools commenting that they had never before received a personalized trophy on the spot… in any sport!

Table with student trophies and awards

In summary, the use of the ColorPro Poster Maker and the Recognizer ULTRA doubled the school’s profit on the tournament, adding a whopping $11,194 in additional profit to the tournament fundraiser! In addition, everyone was impressed by the professionalism and quality of the of the banners, posters, and decals, as well as with how the range was set up with the professional labeling of the lanes and quivers. The tournament was an overwhelming success, and the additional profits that were generated by the ColorPro Poster Maker and the Recognizer… in two days… were more than the total purchase price of both systems combined!

Poster Decal in School Gym
Decal for School Gym