School Signage

Make your school look professional.

The Recognizer® Is The Ultimate “Printer”

The Recognizer can also create custom signage for your school facility, including directional signs, classroom identification, and informational signage. The Recognizer has numerous signage templates, all of which can also incorporate your school’s logo, for a truly personal touch!

One of the most popular applications is labeling Teachers’ classrooms! Most schools label each classroom with a teacher’s name and grade (or subject), but most do so with a simple sheet of paper taped to the door or wall. With the Recognizer, you can professionally label each teacher’s classroom for about $1.00 per classroom!

The Recognizer uses the same material that sign shops use to put lettering on businesses and shops. Your teachers will feel valued and appreciated by the professional way you hove identified their classrooms, and for a faculty of 50, you will only spend about $50!

Not only is that a phenomenal amount of positive P.R. to generate for a minimal expenditure, but any visitor to your school (perhaps a SACS representative) will be impressed with the overall professionalism and customization of your signage, as well as the “positive aura” that is given off!