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The ColorPro Poster Maker

Our Entry-Level System Outperforms Many Companies’ Flagship Models!

The ColorPro Poster Maker has stood the test of time.  Literally thousands of schools across the country own this system, and it even received PC Magazine’s prestigious “Readers’ Choice” award.  If your school needs a quality poster maker, but you’re on a tight budget, this is the model for you!  In fact, it’s so affordable that some schools are purchasing more than one, to make it more accessible to everyone!

The ColorPro Poster Maker is a workhorse – plain and simple.  Many companies offer “consumer-grade” models in order to have a low price – however these “consumer-grade” models were not designed to stand up to the rigors of school use.  The ColorPro Poster Maker is an “industrial-grade” system that is built like a tank – it is designed for heavy-duty usage!  So if your school is hard on equipment (and frankly, can anyone name a school that isn’t?), then the ColorPro Poster Maker is the perfect system for your school!

The ColorPro Poster Maker is designed primarily for indoor applications.  While its output will be fine for short-term outdoor use, if outdoor applications are important for your school, then you should move to the ColorPro ULTRA Poster Maker or the ColorPro XL Poster Maker.  However, in terms of classroom applications, image quality, ease of use, cost-per-poster, and durability of the system, the ColorPro Poster Maker will make an excellent purchase for your school, and at a price that won’t cripple your budget.

The ColorPro Poster Maker comes with its own computer Command Center, an exclusive poster and banner software, hundreds of Education- specific templates, ink, paper, and (depending on the Package you choose) a scanning module and full integration for “1-click printing” from hard-copy documents (our “Instant Poster” application)!

ColorPro Poster Maker