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Fundraising With The Recognizer ULTRA…

Your Parents & Students Will Help You Purchase This System!

When was the last time an excited parent asked when you were going to conduct your next fundraiser? Has your school ever had people standing in line to purchase one of your fundraising products? These are very real scenarios for schools using The Recognizer ULTRA!

You’ve undoubtedly seen numerous types of school spirit recognition items… window decals, bumper stickers, backpack & athletic bag tags, parking tags, and water bottles, just to name a few. Parents and students love them, but even though they feature your school’s name, your school has been cut out of the profits… until now! With the Recognizer ULTRA, you can create your own professional, personalized spirit items – all in-house and in minutes!

Create Custom, Personalized Spirit Items For Any Sport!

Create and sell personalized Window Decals, allowing your athletes (and their parents!) to promote your school with pride, along with their own names and jersey numbers! Athletic bag and backpack tags allow your athletes to easily customize and identify their athletic bags and cases! Thanks to our pre-designed templates, you will be creating (and selling!) these items and more with only 5 minutes of training! Furthermore, the system can incorporate your school’s own logo or mascot!

Not Just Sports – Band, Clubs, Activities, and More!

Why limit your recognition to sports? Everyone loves to be recognized for activities in which they are involved! Now you can create your own spirit items for any student activity – Marching Band, Quick Recall, Drama Club, Pep Club, JROTC, Honor Roll – anything! The more activities your school chooses to promote, the more people who will be able to promote your school and activities to the community – everywhere they drive their cars!

Sell Something That People Actually Want To Buy!!!

The Recognizer ULTRA doesn’t just pay for itself – it actually pays you to own it! You don’t need to create the demand for these items – people are already buying them by going directly to sign shops or ordering them from the internet. For example, our research has shown that people are paying around $10 each (factoring in shipping) for window decals – with your school cut completely out of the equation. With the Recognizer ULTRA, you can create these decals for about $1.00 each! By selling them for the same $10 price that people have already been paying, you will make around $9.00 profit for every decal you sell! And best of all – many people buy more than one!

In addition, you can conduct a unique and easy fundraiser with Parking Tags. As a fundraising initiative, simply rope off a section of your parking lot for special events (football games, basketball games, school festivals, etc.) and call it the “VIP Parking Area.” Sell Parking Tags which say “VIP Parking” for the entire season/school year! Schools are selling season-parking passes for $50! This is an easy (and profitable) fundraiser, and one which gets everyone excited! Remember, no one likes searching for a parking spot at football games!

The Safety Factor In Fundraising With The Recognizer ULTRA…

Perhaps the single most important issue today in regard to traditional fundraising methods involves student safety. Many parents do not want their child to go door-to-door selling discount cards, or standing in the middle of a busy intersection selling doughnuts and candy bars. The potential risk is just too great. The Recognizer ULTRA lets you do your fundraising right at school! Many schools set up the system in the school store and at athletic events, and create instant decals for happy customers on the spot. Students are not put at risk, and they even learn valuable computer graphic-design and entrepreneurial skills in the process! Talk about a win-win scenario!


“Just the other night, we worked the MALE football team fish fry, and we had people lined up for over 2 hours. We couldn’t make them fast enough! We made over $500 in 2 hours!

Christy Harris, FBLA Coordinator
Louisville MALE High School Louisville, Kentucky

At fundraisers for schools woman selling window decals to a student
People raising money for schools
Students operating the recognizer for a school fundraiser
A student proudly showing off Her backpack and tags