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Forget blocks of wood –
The Recognizer ULTRA is an
electronic die-cut system…

Everyone loves what their manual die-cut machines allow them to do, but so many schools are unable to fully utilize these machines, due to the expensive dies that must be purchased for each shape, font, and size. Furthermore, storing the many dies creates a space issue which many schools just can’t deal with.

Enter the Recognizer ULTRA… the electronic die-cut system of the 21st century. All of the shapes and fonts are contained on the computer Command Center – completely eliminating the need for storage space. Simply choose the shape you want from the cut-out library, choose how big you want it to be, and click “Print.” You can even add your own text to any shape that you cut out!

Not only does the Recognizer ULTRA have hundreds of shapes and fonts already preloaded… but if there is a shape that you want that is not included… you can download or scan it into the system! You never need to pay for a die again! You can also load your own additional fonts (although more than 300 fonts are already included)!

Perhaps the most amazing advance in the die-cut function of this system is the ability to create what we call “enhanced” cut-outs. Since the Recognizer both prints and cuts, it can print fine details, then cut out the silhouette around the details (see the traditional vs enhanced cut-out of Abraham Lincoln, at right)! No other system on the market can produce cut-outs with detail like this!

Additionally, you can type, print & cut entire sentences at once – no more tedious letter-by letter cutting!

Best of all, the Recognizer ULTRA uses self-adhesive vinyl, instead of construction paper. This eliminates the need to laminate your cutouts, and also provides an easy way to put them on your walls, doors, windows, bulletin boards, etc.

Use the Recognizer ULTRA for bulletin boards, wall words, wall quotes, stair-step messages, and much, much more!

School cut outs by the recognizer from presentation solutions
Cut outs for school walls