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Parking Tags & Field Trip Tags

The Recognizer will also allow you to create your own Parking Tags. They can either be one-sided or two-sided, include your school logo, and even be printed in your school’s colors. They can be completely customized to say anything you wish, and can include either a permit number, or words, such as “Faculty” or “Senior.”

In addition, you can conduct a unique and easy fundraiser with Parking Tags. As a fundraising initiative, simply rope off a section of your parking lot for special events (football games, basketball games, school festivals, etc.) and call it the “VIP Parking Area.” Sell Parking Tags which say “VIP Parking” for the entire season/school year! Schools are selling season-parking passes for $50! This is an easy (and profitable) fundraiser, and one which gets everyone excited! Remember, no one likes searching for a parking spot at football games!

The Recognizer also has templates for Visitor Passes and Field Trip Identification Stickers. The Field Trip Identification Stickers are especially important for schools. They are worn by each student, and if someone gets separated from the group, the sticker can have the teacher’s cell phone number printed on it, so they can easily be reunited with the group. This is one of those applications which you hope never needs to play out, but if it ever should, then this one application alone is worth the entire investment in the system.

A student parking pass printed by the recognizer machine from presentation solutions
A picture of a student going on a field trip with some identification printed on the recognizer ultra
A faculty parking pass print it in house