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Transportation Directors…

Professionally… and Instantly… Identify Every Aspect of Your Entire Bus Fleet!

Custom-Letter Your Own School Buses
With The Recognizer ULTRA!

What do you do when you have a worn or missing letter or number on one of your school buses? Are you paying a sign shop to replace it? The Recognizer ULTRA allows you to save a fortune by doing this yourself, by producing your own high-quality, low-cost vinyl bus lettering and numbering. All in-house and in minutes – and at a fraction of the cost of having someone else do it for you!

Create Cut-Vinyl or Printed Labels and Signs –
Whenever You Need Them!

The Recognizer ULTRA also allows you to label much more than just the exterior of your school buses. With its ability to produce either print or cut-vinyl lettering up to 4” (or up to 8” with the Recognizer XL), you can custom label and identify just about anything! Here are just a few additional applications for this system…

  • Create the bus numbers of your school bus fleet and place them on magnetic sheets. Then, when a substitute bus needs to be used for a route, simply place the magnetic sheet with the number of the original bus over the substitute bus’s number. This will greatly reduce the chances of younger students getting confused (by a sheet of paper taped in the window) and getting on the wrong bus!  That alone is worth investing in this system… the prevention of even one such occurrence more than justifies the purchase of this system! 
  • Place a permanent bus number on the front fender of the bus. When walking past a line of buses parked side-by-side, this makes it easy to find the right bus!
  • Create professional-looking and easy-to-read seat numbering and seat assignment labels; bus rules; the driver’s name, etc.
  • Create professional-looking and easy-to-read bus specification labels, showing the bus’s length, weight, height, etc. This information is vital when approaching railroad crossings, going through tunnels, or going under/over certain bridges, especially since many districts’ bus fleets consist of buses from various manufacturers, all with different specifications!
  • Create custom Special Needs applications, such as labeling with arrows and text exactly where to place seat belt straps, which is very handy when there is a substitute driver.
  • Reflective vinyl is available, and can be used to create Emergency Exit labels, as well as for marking the mailboxes of bus stops on rural routes. This is again very helpful for substitute drivers, as well as for foggy, rainy and dark mornings!
  • Create labeling and signs all around the bus garage and transportation office, such as for fuel pumps, emergency shut-off valves, parking areas, parts bins, transportation office door lettering, staff nameplates and more!

Recognize and Reward Your Drivers
With Custom Award Plaques!

The Recognizer ULTRA also allows you to create your own custom award plaques! Districts love this, because they can reward their good drivers with customized plaques, for virtually any honor. Improve morale and decrease absenteeism by making your drivers feel appreciated for their hard work and dedication! A custom 6” x 8” plaque costs only about $5 to make!

The Easiest Labeling and Identification System!

The Recognizer comes with its own computerized Command Center, with everything already installed – so it’s ready to use right out of the box! The Recognizer allows you to use pre-formatted templates to create your signs quickly, easily and professionally!

And, if you should find that there is a sign or label that you need that is not in the system… just let us know and we’ll create it for you – free of charge! Or, you can easily create it yourself.

In addition, you can personalize all of your labels and signs with your school district’s logo. You also have the capability of adding graphics to any sign or label. In short, it will let you do just about anything – quickly and easily!

A Wide Variety of Supplies, and All In-Stock!

The Recognizer offers a wide assortment of supply colors from which to choose, all in outdoor-grade quality. And Presentation Solutions keeps them all in-stock – so you don’t have to! In most cases, orders placed by 2:00PM EST are shipped the same day! And since our warehouse is located in Louisville, Kentucky – which is home to a UPS hub – you receive your supplies lightning-fast!

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