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Funding Justification

Carl D. Perkins CTE Alignment
ColorPro Poster Makers & Recognizer

Perkins CTE Guidelines

Funds are allowed to be used to support career and technical education, which prepares students for post-secondary education and/or the careers of their choice.


CTE: The ColorPro Poster Maker and Recognizer each provide career-relevant equipment to help create a hands-on learning environment that focuses on educational “best practices” for all students. This is accomplished by creating engaging visuals that reinforce educational concepts throughout the entire workspace, including walls, floors, and even staircases. These systems can also be used to create content-specific study aids that promote conceptual understanding promote positive behavior in (and outside) the classroom, promote accountability and personal responsibility (through the importance of each student’s role on the team), create a sense of class pride and community, and foster independent learning in the classroom and student practice through the hands-on creation of desired materials.


  • Post-academic concepts and results using Mind Maps, graphic organizers, Venn Diagrams, rubrics, Frayer Models, storyboards, KWL Charts, and more.
  • Create and implement positive reinforcement through personalized awards and charts.
  • Increase participation in events and school spirit with motivational posters, signs, banners, decals, yard signs, bulletin boards, and bumper stickers.

Funds are allowed to be used to strengthen the integration of career and technical education to help students succeed in their academic endeavors.

Integrate Academics and CTE: The ColorPro & Recognizer support and facilitate the integration of CTE by providing career-oriented equipment that facilitates the display of academic and technical standards… through posters, stickers, decals, charts, and signage. These systems also allow schools to develop entrepreneurial, student–based enterprises within the framework of the school or class, such as creating a student-run “company” to create and market products that can be sold for profit. A student-run school store is another variation. These hands-on activities complement and accelerate (through doing) the assessment, teaching, and learning process and increase student academic success (through understanding by doing).

  • Recognize student progress and accomplishments through the creation of personalized awards
  • Support differentiated instruction via the creation of posters, anchor charts, stickers, and decals displaying multiple-step processes for each group or class as part of the complexity pillar of differentiated instruction
  • Create differentiated charts and labels, including enlarged instructions, guidelines, and worksheets… complete with graphics and pictures… showing proper procedures, all geared to specific needs, skills, or individuals/ groups

Funds are allowed to be used for activities that support entrepreneurial education and

Support Entrepreneurial Education: The ColorPro Poster Maker and Recognizer (together or separately) allow schools to create entrepreneurial student-run, revenue-generating businesses within the framework of the school or class. A student-run school store is also included in this. These “businesses” teach students the entire gamut of business essentials… planning, acquisition of capital assets, market research, graphic design skills, production, sales, marketing, revenues and costs, accounting, financial statements, management, and more. The students learn by doing, and they truly enjoy the process, meaning they are more receptive to the skills being taught.

  • Create posters, banners, car decals, locker magnets, bumper stickers, backpack tags, parking tags, and much more, with the school’s logo and the student’s name and/or picture… to be sold in school or at school events
  • Track and display key performance indicators with posters, charts, banners, labels, and stickers
  • Use these systems to perform actual business tasks for the “company”/ class/ school

Funds are allowed to be used to develop, improve, or expand the use of technology in the CTE program.

Integrate Technology: The ColorPro Poster Maker and Recognizer are easy to use, and students can quickly and easily become proficient with the technology. This does two things… it gets them up and running quickly (thus increasing their feelings of accomplishment and self-sufficiency), and it instills in them necessary 21st-century skills. Through these systems, students brainstorm and discover their own unique ways of using the technology, which also fosters both peer– and self-learning. Students also learn the importance of following computer directions while modifying templates, which then translates into their ability to extrapolate those skills into creating their own unique designs.

  • Integrate technology into the classroom by teaching students how to use computer and peripheral technology to produce both academic and promotional products and create and conduct an actual functioning school-based business

Funds are allowed to be used to
lease, purchase, upgrade, or adopt
equipment (including instructional aids and publications) designed to strengthen and support academic and technical skill achievement.

Purchase Equipment: The ColorPro Poster Maker and Recognizer help students meet the goals of Perkins funding by providing career-relevant equipment. The templates and graphics software enable both students and teachers to produce academic materials, as well as products for sale within the school and the external community. These elements combine to support achievement in both academic and technical skills. These academic and technical skills are further reinforced and enhanced through the creation and operation of a student-run business or school store.

  • Create and post charts, posters, labels, and more to display concepts and chart results; develop positive reinforcement through personalized awards & signage; increase participation and school spirit

Funds are allowed to be used to guarantee access to career and technical education for special populations, including students with disabilities.

Provide CTE Access To Special Populations: The ColorPro Poster Maker and Recognizer are extremely easy to operate and have been used to help students with developmental disabilities. Supplementary communication skills materials can easily and quickly be created for students with cognitive, developmental, and/or communication disorders. These materials help students with identification and recognition skills.

  • Post charts and labels of academic concepts and results using Mind Maps, graphic organizers, Venn Diagrams, rubrics, Frayer Models, storyboards, KWL Charts, and more
  • Create and implement positive reinforcement and behavior through personalized awards and charts
  • Create interactive learning centers with enlarged worksheets and graphic organizers

Funds are allowed to be used to
provide professional development and technical assistance for teachers, counselors and administrators

Professional Development: The ColorPro Poster Maker and The Recognizer systems help teachers teach and help kids learn. The Command Center, a part of each system, comes pre-loaded and equipped with custom video tutorials that teach about the operation and maintenance of the equipment itself, the use of the software to create items in a freestyle manner, utilizing the templates, and much more. Not only will these teach both students and instructors how to use and utilize these systems initially, but they will also serve as refreshers down the road and will teach new instructors and students who come afterward. They can be viewed anytime, and learners can move at their own pace. As new video training and idea modules become available. They can be added to the Command Center quickly, easily, and at no charge.

  • Utilize the systems’ custom PD videos to learn to use the system initially to get ideas on how to create items that will be produced, marketed, and sold by the student-run business or school store, and that will make sure that these systems are never ones that no one knows how to use