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Title 1 & Federal Programs Alignment Funding Justification

ColorPro Family of Poster Makers

Educational Methods

Setting Objectives


  • Create and post-reading and math standards in every
  • Create and display rubrics and grading expectations

Funding Strand

Title 1, Part A

Differentiated Instruction

  • Communicate lessons, instructions, and activities in English and Spanish (as well as other languages)
  • Incorporate instructional strategies that encourage student engagement
  • Construct learning activities that meet the diverse needs of the 21st century learning populations
  • Foster collaborative group work opportunities that allow for the development of both social skills and content mastery
  • Support and advance critical thinking skills using graphic organizers

Title 1, Parts A & C

Reinforced and Explicit

  • Reinforce key learning concepts with poster-size learning strategies and reminders
  • Create a print-rich learning environment
  • Enlarge writing prompts and post them in the classroom
  • Model how-to-read charts and diagrams with posters
  • Post big ideas from a unit to review throughout the year
  • Create anchor charts for students to reference when working independently

Title 1, Parts A & D

Cooperative Learning: Peer
Editing, Flexible Groups and
Scaffold Reading Comprehension
of Similarities and Differences

  • Use posters and charts on walls and floors and in small groups
  • Enlarge and laminate graphic organizers used for identifying similarities and differences
  • Create K-W-L charts, Mind Maps, Venn Diagrams, and other charts to activate prior knowledge to improve comprehension and develop subject-related foundations of learning

Title 1, Parts A & D

Title IIa (Developing High Quality Principals and Teachers):

Title II increases the academic achievement of all students by helping to improve teacher and principal quality. The ColorPro gives Educators fun & interactive ways and methods to engage students, such as recognition posters and motivational quotes featuring pictures of their own students, plus teaching visuals that they themselves have designed.

Title III (English Language Acquisition):

Use The ColorPro to ensure English learners (ELs) and immigrant students attain English language proficiency and meet state standards by creating a welcoming environment for limited-English-speaking students and parents; through bilingual posters and classroom charts; through multi-lingual classroom visuals and signage; and through bilingual recognition posters for students.

Title IV Part A (STEM/STEAM/Technology/Safe & Drug-Free Schools):

Use The ColorPro to create awareness of your school’s unique policies and programs through creation of personalized Drug & Alcohol Awareness posters, signs, and floor graphics; create anti-bullying posters (personalized with who to contact in the event of bullying); promote STEM and STEAM programs through customized instruction charts, college counseling posters, and banners, enlarged art reproductions, and even Fine Arts custom set creation… all while incorporating 21st-century technology into the classroom setting. Students can even design and create custom posters and banners themselves.

Title IV Part B (21st Century Community Learning Centers):

Interact and communicate with students, parents, and the community at large with custom posters and banners. Create Character Education posters featuring motivational quotes and incorporating pictures of a school’s own students; motivate students using charts and graphs to track progress; inform and excite your school communities of program activities with custom posters and banners; and even increase awareness of community literacy programs for parents. Allow students and program members to create their own customized program materials. Use of these items creates an ongoing and self-sustaining endeavor.

Title V Part D (Gifted & Talented Education):

Title V allows districts to target Federal funds to programs & activities that best address the needs of that particular district. Make every poster and chart specific to each school/class through the use of the ColorPro’s customizable templates. Support truly Differentiated Instruction in this way, as well as creating posters summarizing multi-step processes of the complexity pillar.

Character Education:

Instill and promote positive character development, through the use of large, customized character concept posters, featuring the pictures of a school’s own students who embody that character trait (i.e., “Honesty” poster featuring a student who turned in money they found); create personalized and customized Anti-Bullying posters featuring the person in the school to contact if someone is being bullied.

IDEA and Carl Perkins Justifications Available Upon Request

Title 1 Key:

Title 1: Part A:

Improving basic programs operated by state and local educational agencies

The purpose of Part A is to provide all children with significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, and high-quality education and to close educational achievement gaps.

Title 1: Part C:

Education of migratory children

Part C funds assist states in supporting high-quality and comprehensive educational programs and services that address the unique educational needs of migratory children.

Title 1: Part D:

Prevention and intervention programs for youth who are neglected, delinquent, or at-risk

Part D is targeted to improve educational services for youth in local and state institutions for neglected or delinquent children and youth so that such youth have the opportunity to meet the same challenging State academic content standards that all children in the state are expected to meet.

Title 1: Part F:

General Provisions

Part F provides financial incentives for schools to develop comprehensive school reforms based upon scientifically based research and effective practices that include an emphasis on basic academics and parental involvement so that all children can meet challenging State academic content and academic achievement standards.