The Power of Recognition

Coronavirus Lessons Of The Power of Recognition on Student Morale

The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed life throughout America. But just as the legendary Phoenix rose from the ashes to become something even better, we can do the same with lessons learned from quarantines and lockdowns.

Students in 2020 have been deprived of a great many things… learning opportunities, Spring sports, Proms, Graduations, and much more. This has affected not only the students, but the parents, administrators, and teachers as well, who were also looking forward to these events with such enthusiasm. Even students who – at first – relished the thought of being out of school came to realize that they missed their friends and activities, and – by substitution – SCHOOL!

In an effort to make their students feel as appreciated as possible, schools across the country responded by creating large posters, banners, and yard signs featuring each student. Many schools placed large posters of each individual student on their campuses… or along the roadside… and even on streetlights in the center of town! Other schools placed full-color yard signs at the homes of their students, or at the front of their subdivisions. Whatever they chose to do, each student became a “mini-celebrity” in their town or neighborhood, and it greatly helped to ease the disappointment of the “normal” things they missed out on. In short, they effectively “traded” one set of activities and recognition for another.

Check out this video of TV news reports about what schools across the county did to recognize their students during the coronavirus, and the reactions that these activities evoked in those students…

Recognition inspires and motivates students… PERIOD.

People LOVE recognition. It doesn’t matter what age they are. If someone gets a promotion at work, they get together with family/friends and celebrate. If someone closes a big deal, they celebrate. Even the most blessed among us, our movie stars and entertainers (who are already multi-millionaires), can’t wait to get together and attend the various award festivals, so everyone can recognize how well they did! And if adults revel so much in recognition for their accomplishments, just think of how much MORE our students crave that recognition!

Although any form of recognition is better than nothing, “chintzy” recognition does not motivate as much a more-significant recognition. For example, paper certificates are nice, but many do not even survive the trip home. On the other hand, an actual award plaque, medal, or trophy ends up being kept forever. A poster hanging in the school of the “Star Reader of the Week” or the “Leader of the Month” creates a powerful impression on EVERYONE – not only on just that student, but on every other student who wants to see THEIR picture on that poster next time! Nothing motivates like success – and success needs to be recognized!

Fortunately, there are systems available to schools, such as the ColorPro Poster Maker and the Recognizer Award and Recognition System, which allow schools to create their own recognition materials – instantly. These include indoor/outdoor posters and banners; yard signs; award plaques; trophies and medals; decals; and much more. They are so easy to use, and are nearly instantaneous in producing their results. And they allow schools to create these items for a fraction of the cost of ordering from an outside source.

So, as we emerge from the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, we can take the lessons learned from schools presenting students with recognition materials into the future… Recognize student success. Recognize student success. Recognize student success!

It truly does make a difference.